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It’s the Earth Not the Moon
É na terra nao e na lua
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In 2007, a sound engineer and a cameraman arrive in Corvo, the smallest island in the archipelago of the Azores. Lost in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Corvo is a large rock, six kilometers long and four kilometers wide, with the crater of a volcano and a single tiny village of 440 inhabitants. Gradually, the small filming crew is accepted by the island's population and discovers a 500-year-old civilization, whose history is practically undecipherable and almost without any written records.

About Directors

Gonçalo Tocha (b. 1979 in Lisbon, Portugal) graduated in Portuguese Language and Culture from the Faculty of Humanities in Lisbon. There, he founded the cine-club NuCiVo, where he was responsible for programming and production and then directed his first short film, "Bye Bye My Blackbird" in 2006. "Balao" (2007) was his debut feature film, selected at the Viennale and Bafici. Being a singer and a composer, Gonçalo Tocha divides his career between cinema and music. "It’s the Earth Not the Moon" (2011) is his second feature film. Selected filmography: "Bye Bye My Blackbird" (2006, short), "Balao" (2007), "It’s the Earth Not the Moon" (2011, doc, "Kino pavasaris").
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Metai - 2011
Šalis - Portugal
Trukmė - 180 min
Režisierius - Gonçalo Tocha
Scenarijaus autoriai - Gonçalo Tocha
Aktoriai -
Prodiuseriai - Gonçalo Tocha
Operatorius - Gonçalo Tocha
Montažas -
Kompozitoriai -
Pardavimo agentas -
Platintojas - Gonçalo Tocha
Dialogai - Portuguese
Subtitrai - Lithuanian, English
Amžiaus cenzas - {films_custom_fields.custom_field.1104}

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