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Crazy Horse
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Frederick Wiseman spent ten weeks with his camera exploring one of the most mythical places, The "Crazy Horse". This legendary Parisian cabaret club, founded in 1951 by Alain Bernardin has over the years become the Parisian nightlife "must" for any visitors, ranking alongside the Eiffel tower and the Louvre. The film follows the rehearsals and performances for a new show "Desir", staged by Philippe Découflé, a celebrated French choreographer, as well as the backstage preparations of the dancers (make-up and costume fittings) and also the various issues involved in the planning of the show and the administration of the club.

About Directors

Frederick Wiseman (b. 1930 in Boston, U.S.A.) continued to study beyond his degree in law, combining academic work with his passion for painting, theatre and cinema. In 1967 he began his career as a director with "Titicut Follies", 37 documentaries and 2 fiction films to explore American society in depth through ordinary stories. He has won numerous awards including four Emmys, a MacArthur Prize Fellowship and a Dupont-Columbia Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism, the Peabody Award for Significant and Meritorious Achievement, the Irene Diamond Lifetime Achievement Award from Human Rights Watch and the Dan David Prize. Selected filmography: "High School" (1968, doc), "Primate" (1974, doc), "Meat" (1976, doc), "Manoeuvre" (1979, doc), "Model" (1980, doc), "Deaf" (1986, doc), "Blind" (1987, doc), "Near Death" (1989, doc), "Zoo" (1993, doc), "Ballet" (1995, doc), "Domestic Violence" (2001, doc), "La Dernière lettre / The Last Letter" (2002, doc), "Domestic Violence 2" (2002, doc), "The Garden" (2005, doc), "State Legislature" (2006, doc), "Boxing Gym" (2010, doc), "Crazy Horse" (2011, doc, "Kino pavasaris").
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Metai - 2011
Šalis - France, USA
Trukmė - 128 min
Režisierius - Frederick Wiseman
Scenarijaus autoriai - Frederick Wiseman
Aktoriai -
Prodiuseriai - Frederick Wiseman, Pierre Olivier Bardet
Operatorius - John Davey
Montažas -
Kompozitoriai -
Pardavimo agentas -
Platintojas - Ramonda Paris / Celluloid Dreams
Dialogai - English, French
Subtitrai - Lithuanian, English
Amžiaus cenzas - {films_custom_fields.custom_field.1104}

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