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Surviving Progress
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Drawing on historical examples, Roy and Crooks guide us through a sweeping but detailed survey of the major progress traps facing our civilization in the arenas of technology, economics, consumption and the environment. Along the way, we hear powerful arguments in interviews with modern luminaries such as Jane Goodall, Margaret Atwood, David Suzuki, Stephen Hawking and Ronald Wright himself, as well as grassroots activists. From prevalent issues like untenable economic structures, deforestation and political corruption, to the more controversial domains of overpopulation and synthetic biology, Roy and Crooks do not shy away from even the thorniest of topics.

About Directors

About director: Mathieu Roy (Canada) has directed the documentaries “François Girard en trois actes” (2005), “Mort à Venise: Un voyage musical avec Louis Lortie” (2009) and “Surviving Progress” (codirector, 2011). Harold Crooks has worked as a writer on several feature and television documentaries. “Surviving Progress” (co-director, 2011) is his first film as director.
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Metai - 2011
Šalis - Canada
Trukmė - 87 min
Režisierius - Mathieu Roy, Harold Crooks
Scenarijaus autoriai - Harold Crooks, Mathieu Roy
Aktoriai - Stephen Hawking, David Suzuki, Margaret Atwood
Prodiuseriai - Daniel Louis, Denise Robert, Gerry Flahive
Operatorius - Mario Janelle, Jean-Pierre St-Louis
Montažas -
Kompozitoriai -
Pardavimo agentas -
Platintojas - Cinemaginaire
Dialogai - English
Subtitrai - Lithuanian
Amžiaus cenzas - {films_custom_fields.custom_field.1104}

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