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You Never Know

Niekada nežinai

2013 / Lithuania / 24 min / N-13
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Director(s) - Giedrius Tamoševičus
Screenwriter(s) - Giedrius Tamoševičus
Actors - Juozas Budraitis, Virginija Kuklytė
Producer(s) - Dovydas Vilkelis, LMTA
Cinematographer - Julius Sičiūnas
Editor(s) -
Composer(s) -
Sales agent -
Distributor - Lithuanian Shorts
Production company -
Dialogues - Lithuanian
Subtitles - English

About Directors

Giedrius Tamoševičius (born in 1980 in Lithuania) graduated from secondary school in 1998. In 2004 he graduated from Vilnius University with BA in Informatics and is currently pursuing studies in TV and Film Directing in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater.


“The Lesson” (2010, short), “Mommy, please Buy Me a Horse” (2010, short), “The Passion” (2010, short), “Love Smithy” (2011, short), “The Landlord” (2011, short), “An Attempt” (2011, short, “Kino pavasaris”), “One Day I Will Return” (2012, short, “Kino pavasaris”), “Never Know” (2014, short, “Kino pavasaris”).