10 to 11
11'e 10 kala
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Mithat is an old man and a passionate collector of almost everything: newspapers, alarm clocks, recordings of the sounds of Istanbul, cups, certificates, gifts and souvenirs. Once upon a time his mania destroyed his relationship, and now it’s threatening his home. The neighbours in his building are concerned about a possible earthquake and decide to renovate their building, upgrading the apartments and planning to sell them for a large profit. Ali is the concierge of the building and is the only person who Mithat allows inside. The old man is afraid of losing the treasures he has collected over a lifetime, and in an attempt to ensure that his collection will survive begins to teach Ali the nuances of his collection and trains him to continue collecting. "From 10 to 11" is a metaphorical narrative about contemporary Turkey, where the broad strokes of modern life are threatening to obliterate the old traditions. The intersection of the lives of these two very different men reveals these two sides of Istanbul – the older Mithat striving to preserve the past for the next generation and the younger Ali who represents the new generation who has little interest in the history of Turkey’s capital city.
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