Snow White and Russian Red
Wojna polsko-ruska
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This adaptation of the controversial literary debut by the then 18-year-old Polish writer Dorota Masùowska tells the story of a tough natiosocialnalist, homophobe, racist and anti-Semite called Silny. When his girlfriend Magda leaves him, he gets together with the Satanist virgin Angela. They hang out in a nihilistic environment of drug-dependent urban wretches whom Silny regards with a running commentary fed by black humour and paranoia. The film is as frenzied and insane as the novel and even incorporates Masùowska (played by Masùowska herself) into the plot. The film uses various formal approaches in order to achieve the same ferocity and volatility as the book, which was highly acclaimed for its stylistic merits. This praiseworthy adaptation of a challenging work of literature for the screen hovers on the edge of experimentation while unquestionably preserving the clarity and spirit of the original. "Snow White and Russian Red" is a poetic, direct and disturbing portrayal of love, hopelessness and political burnout in contemporary Central and Eastern Europe.
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