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Tuya's Marriage

Tuya de hun shi

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Tuya is a hard-working shepherd in contemporary Inner Mongolia. She tends her flock while caring for her two children and her husband, Bater, who was permanently disabled while digging their well. Now Tuya must transport water to her home from 30 kilometres away. While doing this she injures her back and begins to wonder what will become of her family. Bater suggests that she divorce him and remarry an able-bodied provider who would be able to care for her and the children. Realizing this may be the only way to preserve her family, Tuya agrees but insists that whoever she marries must also care for Bater. Tuya is besieged by suitors but none are enthusiastic about including Bater in their home. The film is cinematically gorgeous and offers a fascinating look at the austere beauty of the Mongolian landscape, its inhospitable climate and the inevitable encroachment of 21st century life on Mongolia’s traditionally nomadic people.