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The Assembly

Ji Jie Hao

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"The Assembly" opens on the battlefield – it’s 1948 and China’s Civil war is raging. The Ninth Company of the People's Liberation Army, led by brash Captain Gu Zidi (Zhang Hanyu), is dispatched to defend a mine from the advancing Kuomintang troops. This is an almost impossible task as they are vastly outnumbered, but the Ninth Company is ordered to hold their positions until they hear the bugle call. But the call never comes, at least not to the injured ears of Captain Gu, and the casualties pile up and hope runs dry. Of the 48 members of the Ninth Company, Gu is the only one who survives the devastating defeat, and when he returns home he finds that he has been forgotten, written off as missing in action just like many of his fallen comrades. Drifting from regiment to regiment, war to war, Gu struggles to keep the legacy of the Ninth Company alive.