March 18 – April 1


Gogol Bordello Non-Stop
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After years spent in various European refugee camps, Eugene Hütz made his reputation in the U.S. as a DJ at New York's hipster clubs. But he had bigger plans. Recruiting musicians from five countries, he formed "Gogol Bordello", the name a mash-up of the name of a 19th-century Ukrainian author and the place where erotic pleasure and vulgarity are celebrated. This film, shot over five wild years, follows the hugely entertaining Hütz and the members of his band as they tell their stories, share their music and progress from underground legend to international phenomenon. Hütz chips in home movies from Kiev. Going far beyond the concert film, "Gogol Bordello Non-Stop" explores the roots of the music, identity and global politics of a band with something to say. Hütz has become an underground superstar (he starred in Liev Schreiber’s comedy "Everything is Illuminated" and Madonna's "Filth and Wisdom"), with his band now filling huge venues. The importance of "Gogol Bordello" is beyond our times. In the facade we might only see a Punk Rock band, but when you read their message between the lines, you will come across the essence of a cultural revolution. Born in Bogota, Colombia, Margarita Jimeno moved to New York in 1997, where she still lives. Her work reflects her passion for music and the peculiarities of life, which tend to be absurd, and surrealistic. She is an emerging director and writer, who brings her unique creative and visual style to all projects ranging from documentaries, short films, music videos to feature films. She currently has two fiction scripts in revision - a tragic comedy "Feminine Technical Difficulties" and epic drama "Guerrero".
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