March 18 – April 1


Perpetuum Mobile
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Ron has lost his job and watched his family fall apart. He spends his days at the club of his childhood friend, Adi, where he plays cards for money. It is springtime. He meets Dina, an old friend of Adi. They quickly become close, start playing as a team, and move in together. One evening, Ron loses all his money at the tables, gets drunk and is thrown out by Adi’s bodyguards. Dina takes advantage of the turmoil to steal from Adi. She convinces Ron to skip town. The two hide out in a fishing village. It is autumn. Ron and Dina discover that they know nothing about each another. They are strangers who can’t so much as look into each other’s eyes much less tell each other the truth. Valdas Navasaitis (b. 1960) was born in Kaunas. In 1983–1986, he worked as a director, scriptwriter and cameraman at the “Banga” amateur film studio in Kaunas. In 1984, together with director Šarūnas Bartas, he went on an expedition to Siberia (in the eastern part of the Sayan Mountains) to shoot the film “Tofalaria”. In 1988–1993, he studied film directing at the Moscow State Cinematography Institute. In 1992–1997, he created films for the Kinema film studio. In 1999, Navasaitis founded and became the head of the Image and Sound Studio. He is a member of the Lithuanian Cinematographers’ Union and of the Association of Producers, and he sits on the Cinema Council at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. He is also a member of the European Documentary Network.
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