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The heroes of this film are children who sell flowers in various parts of Vilnius. One of them sells flowers by the cemetery, later gathering them up from the graves and re-selling them. The others hawk flowers in the streets, making the rounds of the bars, cafés, and night clubs. The main hero sells flowers to support his parents. They are all friends who share one thing in common: they do not experience a normal childhood. However, their lives are changed by the death of the main hero's parents, who perish in a fire. In 1992, Giedrius Zubavičius (b. 1969) studied at Rome's Dante Alighieri Instiute, where he won the screenplay competition of the Rome Experimental Cinema Centre. In 1999, he worked as editing assistant on Paolo Bassi's film “Samsara”. In 2004-2005, he took part in the following screenplay writing seminars: “Arista development’’ (Ankona, Italy) and ”Script & Pitch workshops’’ (Italy, France, Finland).