March 18 – April 1


Five-day Scam
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Vilnius, the small capital of a small country on the outskirts of Europe, welcomes Eros Giannakakis, a “rich and famous” producer from Greece who is in the throes of a mid-life crisis. He arrives in search of new talent for a European TV show. During the casting of local dilettante musicians, Eros meets the young “wanna-be” singer Egle. Although not supremely talented, she manages to take his breath away. While Eros is willing to do anything to win her over, a number of individual players scheme against him. Liepa, a local TV producer, tries to seduce Eros. Her oddball assistant, Julian, curries favour with the rich and famous Greek producer. Egle’s wimpy boyfriend, Andrius, is ready to fight Eros over Egle. And then there is the Greek producer’s temperamental Russian wife Nataly! Žeraldas Povilaitis (b. 1977) was born into a family of musicians. He grew up and studied in Vilnius, later pursuing music studies in the US and Latvia. Povilaitis has written music for vocalists as well as for theatre, cinema and TV projects in Lithuania, Europe and the US. In 2007, he began studying cinematography independently. “Five-day Scam” is his first full-length feature, which he also edited and for which he composed original music.
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