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Dead End

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This documentary film is based on the film-maker's insights from a trip to Ghor Province in Afghanistan where he spent time at Lithuania's military base. He examines the destinies of the soldiers taking part in the NATO mission and the situations in which the men find themselves. The film raises the question of what it is that foreigners can achieve when they are stationed in a foreign country. Can all problems be solved? Camera operator Aloyzas Jančoras (b. 1944) was born in Mozūriškiai, near the town of Prienai. In 1973, he graduated from the Moscow State Cinematography Institute. In 1973-1993, he was an operator and director at Lithuanian Film Studios. He has been a member of the Lithuanian Cinematographers' Union since 1974. Jančoras is the author of 20 cinema journals, 40 documentary films and nine film dramas. In 1997, he established the “Videoanthology of A. Jančoras” and makes documentary films about important Lituhanian events and personalities.