My Brother ... Nikhil
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This oppressively earnest Indian drama chronicles sympathetically the plight of a rising sports star who is ostracized from society and his family when he discovers he is HIV-positive and moves in with his gay lover. Nikhil is a champion swimmer from Goa, and a popular guy who enjoys the love and support of his older sister, his doting mother, and his gruff father, a former athlete himself, who takes vicarious pleasure in Nikhil’s accomplishments. Dad also has a problem with the crowd Nikhil hangs with, which includes his close friend Nigel. Nikhil’s world crumbles around him when he discovers, through a routine blood test, that he has HIV. Most of his friends and his fellow athletes desert him. His family is publicly scorned, and even his parents seem disgusted with him. Filmmaker Onir won critical acclaim for his directorial debut, "My Brother Nikhil", and has now signed for a fourth feature film. He is also working on an adaptation of Shakespeare's "Hamlet".
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