March 18 – April 1


Julliet of the Spirits
Giulietta degli spiriti
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Cinematographer Gianni di Venanzo’s masterful use of Technicolor transforms "Juliet of the Spirits", Fellini’s first colour feature, the first not rooted in contemporary reality and one of his most dazzling dreams, into a kaleidoscope of dreams, spirits, and memories. Giulietta Masina plays a betrayed wife whose inability to come to terms with reality leads her along a hallucinatory journey of self-discovery. In "Juliet of the Spirits", superstition and marital breakdown collide as Fellini, behind a smokescreen of fantasy, debates his future. Juliet, a neglected wife moping in her summer home in fashionable Fregene, is recognizably Masina, just as her preoccupied, philandering husband Giorgio is a streamlined Fellini – younger, thinner, and better dressed. After Giorgio has forgotten their fifteenth wedding anniversary – the Fellinis had just celebrated their twentieth – Juliet’s pleasure-seeking friends draw her into a spiritist séance with Eugenio Mastropietro, who has modestly nicknamed himself "Genius" and claims to be the Rome police department’s official medium. Next morning, she discovers that the passage to the Hereafter has been thrown open. Phantoms crowd the psychic corridor, invading her home, the nearby woods, and the beach.
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