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Those Days

Aa Dinagalu

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Numerous movies have appeared in the Kannada language, based on life in the Bangalore underworld; very few have depicted the real face of it. Most of the underworld movies have glorified violence, but "Aa Dinagalu" is the exception. The film is based on the book "Dadagiriya Dinagalu" by Agni Shridhar, which is based on real life incidents in 1986, in Bangalore. It revolves around the love story against the backdrop of the underworld. Chetan and Mallika are in love, but Chetan’s father, a businessman, does not approve of it. He gets the help of an underworld don, Kotwal Ramachandra, to separate the love birds. Chetan then befriends Shridhar, and Bachchan and goes to Kotwal’s rival, Jairaj, to counter Kotwal. How a businessman’s son brings an end to Kotwal’s reign in Bangalore is the rest of the story. K. M. Chaitanya (grandson of legendary poet and writer Rashtra Kavi G. S. Shivarudrappa) is a documentary film-maker and film director. He has made documentaries for several international channels. His first feature film, "Those Days", received very good reviews from Indian critics and won two awards – Best Film and Best Director at the 55th Tiger Balm Filmfare Awards.