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This is a man-on-the-run thriller revolving around the eponymous London-based doctor's visit to his family in India. Dr Aamir Ali is an unsuspecting Muslim who is dragged to the vortex of terrorism. His only crime is that of being a Muslim. Geographically, Aamir's maze is set in the Muslim-dominated streets and residential pockets of Old Bombay. In its lanes and crowded alleys, cheap restaurants and lodges, amongst nameless pimps and whores, run-down buildings and packed markets, Aamir is made to confront the life he has lived, the choices he has made, his dreams, his loves and his immediate fears. Through the course of a day, lost in the streets of Mumbai, the question remains – do you choose your destiny or does destiny choose you? Debut director Rajkumar Gupta is able to muster a fair amount of smiles and chuckles in this tale about a day in the life of a man caught in a nightmare.