March 18 – April 1


The Sweet Life
La dolce vita
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At three brief hours, "La Dolce Vita", a piece of cynical, engrossing social commentary, stands as Federico Fellini's timeless masterpiece. A rich, detailed panorama of Rome's modern decadence and sophisticated immorality, the film is episodic in structure but held tightly in focus by the wandering protagonist through whom we witness the sordid action. Marcello Rubini is a tabloid reporter trapped in a shallow high-society existence. A man of paradoxical emotional juxtapositions, he dreams about writing something important but remains seduced by the money and prestige that accompany his shallow position. He romanticizes finding true love but is unfazed when he discovers that his girlfriend has taken an overdose of sleeping pills. Instead, he engages in an ménage ą trois, then frolics in a fountain with a giggling American starlet, and in the film's unforgettable inspired finale, attends a wild orgy that ends, symbolically, with its participants finding a rotting sea animal while wandering the beach at dawn.
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