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Mukhbiir is a story of a twenty-year-old man who is an informer, a “khabri” to the intelligence department of India. The film is about his life – how he assumes different identities, the difficult situations that he faces in life at such a young age, and how he balances these. The story revolves around a young man and the colours that he represents. He presents a different front in different facets of life. He showcases the life of a person who dies many deaths because of the different lives that he lives. As the title suggests, the film deals with the life of an informer/spy working for the police. He takes on assignments where he must infiltrate crime/terrorism outfits and obtain critical information. To do this he must constantly change his identity to suit the purpose. The guru of techno-savvy cinema, Mani Shankar conducted rigorous research for his fourth and most successful film, "Informer". His debut feature, "16 December", was among the Top-10 grossing Indian films of 2002.