March 18 – April 1


It's Hard to Be Nice
Tesko je biti fin
Added to my films
40-year-old Fudo is a taxi driver from Sarajevo. Aside from that, he collaborates with the local underworld, giving robbers tips on houses whose owners are away on holiday. Because of his wife and – most importantly – his small son he decides to ditch the latter activity. Shaking free of one’s own past is not easy, however. He starts with a new car, and to buy it he borrows money from a colleague – who nonetheless wants a favour in return. What’s more, Fudo’s first passenger in his “new” life is a pregnant woman he takes to the hospital where he is assumed to be the child’s father. Fudo however is not about to compromise his resolution, and he continues to try to be a better person. This, Srdjan Vuletic’s second feature film, is the story of a man who radically turns over a new leaf. His transformation is made all the more difficult in that it plays out in the modern Bosnian metropolis of Sarajevo, a city that is also searching for itself. Saša Petrovic won Best Actor at the national festival held in Sarajevo. Srdjan Vuletic (37) studied at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, where he also made short films. In 1992 he worked as a medical technician in a hospital, an experience that paid off when he made his documentary film "I Burnt Legs", which won a European Film Award a year later. As a member of SaGA (Sarajevo Group of Authors) he has directed a number of successful documentaries. His feature film debut was "The Summer in the Golden Valley" which follows the adolescence of a sixteen-year-old boy who tries to redress the mistakes of his father in post-war Sarajevo. The response that the film provoked and prestigious VPRO Tiger Award in Rotterdam contributed to Srdjan Vuletic being voted Director of the Year.
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