March 18 – April 1


Three Monkeys
Üc Maymun
Added to my films
A family is dislocated when small failings blow up into extravagant lies, battling against the odds to stay together by covering up the truth. In order to avoid hardship and responsibilities that would otherwise be impossible to endure, the family chooses to ignore the truth; choosing not to see, hear or talk about it. But does playing “Three Monkeys” invalidate the truth of its existence? This minimalist family drama is filmed in a polished visual style, with carefully lit shots creating wildly beautiful sets. Full of shadows, hopelessness and darkness, most of the story unfolds under the surface. The protagonists appear passive, enveloped in a veil of pride that keeps them from getting close to one another. Nuri Bilge Ceylan (50) was born in Istanbul and studied engineering and film-making. His film "Distant" won the Grand Prix and the Best Actor awards for two male leads at the Cannes Film Festival in 2003, where his latest movie "Three Monkeys" received the Best Director award. Cinema Spring successfully screened "Distant" to a Vilnius audience in 2004, and "Climates" was screened in Kaunas in 2007.
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