March 18 – April 1


Every Little Step
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Broadway has produced many legendary productions, but "A Chorus Line" and the story behind it remain special. The unexpectedly excellent documentary captures the magic of the show by following the process of casting the 2006 stage revival. The concept is self-referential, given that the very plot of "A Chorus Line" is about casting a musical, but the filmmakers add another layer by examining how the original show was born when Michael Bennett recorded a group of dancers speaking in confessional mode. Fans of the show may get goosebumps hearing those audio tapes, while newcomers will discover what made Bennett (in the words of the finale) "one singular sensation/every little step he takes". In auditions, we see performers giving everything they've got for songs like "I Can Do That" and "At the Ballet". James D. Stern was born in Chicago. His producing credits include the theatrical productions "Stomp", "Hairspray" and "The Producers", and the feature films "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle", "Proof" and "I'm Not There". He made his directorial debut with "All the Rage" in 1999. Adam Del Deo was born in Portland. He has produced feature films, including "All the Rage", "Digging to China" and "Solstice". He co-directed and co-produced the documentaries "The Year of the Yao", "…So Goes the Nation" and "Every Little Step" with James D. Stern.
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