March 18 – April 1


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The world is out of joint. Or maybe the world is totally in order, and it's the rootless René who doesn't fit in. In Trestikova's portrait film, filmed at close range and during the course of over 20 years, we are left to decide for ourselves. Through letters, personal notes, interviews and beautiful stylised clips, the film describes the Czech dropout René Plašil's day-to-day wanderings in – and outside of – prisons. While the official reality and the big political upheaval in the Czech Republic takes place in the background, the only sign of development for René is his growing number of tattoos. With "Fuck off People" written across his neck, the obviously intelligent boy and, later on, man shares his thoughts and details from his life open-heartedly. "Rene" (“René”, 2008), "Moterys tūkstantmečio pradžioje (“Zeny na prelomu tisíciletí”, 2001), "Saldus amžius" (“Sladke stoleti”, 1998), "Lidos Baarovos prisiminimai" (“Sladke horkosti Lidy Baarove”, 1996), "Papasakok ką nors apie save" (“Rekni mi neco o sobe – René”, nuo 1989), "Vedybų istorijos" (“Manzelské etudy”, 1987-2006), "Šviesos prisilietimas" (“Dotek svetla”, 1979).
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