March 18 – April 1


Cloud 9
Wolke 9
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Inge lives happily in a faceless East Berlin housing complex with her long-time husband Werner, a rather stoic type devoted to the recording of steam trains. Inge does clothing repairs, and upon delivering a mended pair of pants to Karl, tumbles into his arms. She is matter-of-fact about it with her husband and, later, her daughter. They are horrified and feel betrayed by emotions Inge doesn't quite understand. At this stage in life, her desires, no matter how selfish, should be valid. She has earned that right. Inge subsequently moves in with Karl. Andreas Dresen (45) was born in Gera, Germany, and studied film-making at the Konrad Wolf Film & Television Academy in Potsdam-Babelsberg. He began his career working in theatre and television, as well as writing and directing short films. His feature films, "Grill Point" (2002) and "Summer in Berlin" (2005), were screened in Lithuania during the Guten Film! special programme of German cinema.
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