March 18 – April 1


Soi Cowboy
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Controversial British director Clay challenges the audience with a film based on the complicated relationship between a Western man and a Thai woman. They meet in Soi Cowboy, the red-light district of Bangkok. She alleviates his longing for love and he provides an escape from prostitution. However, sex becomes an unwanted obligation for the woman. Meanwhile, a parallel storyline unfolds, which involves a mafia enforcer in the countryside. At first, the protagonists are examined closely through black-and-white footage and well-composed, precise frames. But as their personas develop, things drastically change and the story of this not-too-in-love-couple finishes in a rural landscape – shot in colour and with a hand-held camera. Thomas Clay (30) made a name for himself with the shockingly brutual drama "The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael". Contrary to many young film directors who repeat formulas in order to gain access to film festivals or to receive international subsidies, Clay does not recycle characters, visual elements or narrative devices. Instead he continues sailing through genres and styles, and still has the ability to move from violent shocks to love stories, and from documentary-like realism to fantasy.
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