March 18 – April 1


Frozen River
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Two days before Christmas in rural upstate New York, Ray Eddy’s husband has left her in an impossible situation – not only is he gone, but he has gambled away all of the family’s meager savings. Ray’s single income from the Yankee One Dollar Store can’t make the house payment, and the situation forces Ray to feed her two sons popcorn and Tang every day. When Ray strikes out to search for her husband, she encounters Lila Littlewolf, a tough, street-smart Mohawk woman who is dealing with her own struggle to make ends meet. But Lila has found a way to do it – smuggling illegal immigrants into the US. The tribal elders disapprove and attempt to stop Lila by forbidding anyone to sell her a car. Ray has a car, and although the two women don’t trust each other, they team up and share Ray’s Dodge Spirit to make a run across the frozen St Lawrence River. Born in Memphis (Tennessee), Courtney Hunt (48) holds a Master in Fine Arts from Columbia University’s Film Division. Her graduation short, "Althea Faught", which she herself wrote and directed, has been screened at numerous festivals, including Tribeca, Edinburgh, Montreal and Los Angeles. Her second short, "Frozen River", was released at the New York Festival in 2004 and gave rise to her first and identically-named feature film, recipient of the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2008.
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