March 18 – April 1


Filth and Wisdom
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Madonna has made a playful and music-heavy tale of three London roommates who delve into naughty behaviour in pursuit of brighter futures. A Ukrainian immigrant A.K. finances his dreams of transcontinental superstardom by turning tricks as a role-playing cross-dresser. As A.K. literally whips the privileged of London into shape, he also secretly pines for Holly, an aspiring ballerina who is looking for her big break while moonlighting as a stripper. And third roommate Juliette is a pharmacist who wants to travel to Africa and help starving children. These three distinctive personalities are at the centre of a cinematic tale of everyday life about people who are obliged to take on jobs just to earn a living but who live with the hope of one day fulfilling their dreams. Madonna (50) first appeared on screen in two low-budget films marketed for a teenage audience. Her performances as an actress have proven less than sensational and she has heard few good words from movie critics. In 1996, Madonna was cast in what many feel was a role she was born to play – Argentina's first lady Eva Peron in Alan Parker's musical film "Evita". In 2008, the Material Girl finally reinvented herself as a film director, screenwriter and producer.
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