March 18 – April 1


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Manoj and Stanley console themselves after their latest visa application is rejected. With their spirits dashed, the chance discovery of an invitation to a handball tournament in Bavaria appears to them like a present from the gods. Even if neither of them knows what handball is, they submit an application to the tournament and soon a mismatched collection of friends and colleagues, creditors and policemen, join together in the unlikely Sri Lanka National Handball Team. As the tournament invitation arrives, handball rules and regulations are side-lined; dreams of leaving poverty behind and a better life take centre stage. The planned quick getaway on arrival is crushed by the welcoming organisers and a change of schedule sees them confronted by an arena full of sports fans eager to applaud the prowess of the Sri Lanka National Handball Team. 70-0. And now? Do they cut and run before the inevitable arrest and an inglorious return home? Or should they fight on to defend personal and national pride at the cost of risking the end of their dream? The film is based on a true story. While Uberto Pasolini was shooting the movie in Sri Lanka, the most frequently spoken word that got his attention was "Machan". A common word used among Sri Lankan males when they talk to each other. As a result, the director ultimately decided to name the movie after it. Producer of the international hit "The Full Monty", Uberto Pasolini (51) provides his directorial debut with "Machan", which took the Europa Cinemas award for the best European film in Venice. He has worked in the film industry since 1983. The nephew of Italian maestro Luchino Visconti started as a unit runner and eventually became an independent producer, founding his own production company, "Redwave Films".
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