March 18 – April 1


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This is a movie about compassion, loneliness, forgiveness and atonement. In the autumn of his life, Thomas leads a simple, isolated existence in his below-street-level apartment, accompanied by a radio, a chessboard, and a photo of his wife. He doesn’t venture out very often, and when he does, the outside world reminds him of his advanced age, his loneliness, and times he would rather not remember. His feels like a never-ending story; and to make himself whole, Thomas has to face his past. "I am old, and life is long". Miika Soini (35) was born in Finland, studied Theatre Directing and Acting at the Turku Fine Arts Academy and Film Directing at the Helsinki Film School. His filmography includes the shorts "Objective Love" (2002), "For the Sake of God" (2002), "Gray Area" (2004), and "Relation" (2005). His first feature film, "Thomas", premiered at the San Sebastian Festival with great success and was nominated for a New Directors Award.
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