March 18 – April 1


Sleep Dealer
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Gorgeous, intelligent and intensely imaginative, "Sleep Dealer" is set in a near future not far different from today. The world is divided by closed borders. Workers connect their nervous systems to a digital network through which they control the robots who do their work. Memo Cruz is a young peasant who lives with his parents in a small, dusty village in Mexico. Memo loves technology and dreams of leaving his village to find work in the hi-tech factories in the big cities of the North. Using his home-made radio, he unwittingly stumbles upon some communications, arousing suspicion. His house is destroyed by a remote-controlled bombing and he has to flee. On the way to Tijuana, Memo meets Luz, a journalist disposed to changing the world, and together they try to establish a relationship that goes beyond technology. Alex Rivera (35), a North American of Peruvian descent, is a multimedia artist and film-maker living in New York and Mexico. His filmography includes the documentary shorts "Papapapį" (1995), "Why Cybraceros?" (1997), and "The Sixth Section" (2003). His first feature "Sleep Dealer" was released at the Sundance Film Festival where it bagged the Alfred P. Sloan Prize and the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award. It was also presented at the “Berlinale”, where it garnered the Amnesty International Film Prize.
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