March 18 – April 1


The Song of Sparrows
Avaze gonjeshk-ha
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Karim’s life with his family in a village west of Tehran is turned upside down when a particulary ornery ostrich escapes his care at work and he is subsequently fired from his job. Beautifully crafted, often sentimental and sometimes humorous, this story set among his society’s underprivileged explores how capitalism and technology corrupt man, causing him to lose spiritual purity and all-important connections to family, friends and nature. Reza Naji took home the Best Actor Silver Bear from the Berlinale in 2008, for his stellar performance in this witty morality tale and delightful comedy about an ostrich farm worker who loses everything and heads to the city on an errand, where he's mistaken for a motorcycle taxi driver. This simple mistake leads to a potentially lucrative new career as a driver. But as he continues his progress in the city, the corrupting influence of the people he meets begins to erode his essentially decent and humble nature. It is up to those closest to him to restore the values that he had once cherished. Majid Majid (50) is a living legend of Iranian cinema. In 1992, the Teheran-born director released first feature film "Baduk" and five years later he was already nominated for an Oscar with "Children of Heaven". In 2001, "Baran" received the Best Non-European Film nomination at the European Film Awards. His other films include "The Father", which took the Jury Prize at San Sebastian in 1996, and Montreal Festival Grand Prix winner "The Colour of Paradise" (1999).
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