March 18 – April 1


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Focusing on the crime-ridden suburbs of Scampia and Secondigliano, the film weaves in and out of five separate narratives, cumulatively building a kaleidoscopic portrait of present-day Naples. An adolescent boy, naively believing that Camorra will turn him into a man, becomes involved in the life of a young mother; a middle-aged go-between delivers monthly payments to families who have relatives in jail; a respectable businessman finds himself in the disconcerting position of handling toxic waste disposal; a couple of arrogant hooligans are determined to strike out on their own, unsettling the local balance of power; and a high-fashion tailor subcontracted by the Camorra risks his life by getting into bed with Chinese rivals. Matteo Garrone (40) was born in Rome where he attended art school, worked as an assistant cameraman and dedicated several years to painting. He directed one short film "Silhouette" and one documentary "Oreste Pipolo, Wedding Photographer". His debut feature film "Land in the Middle" won the Special Jury Award and the Cipputi Award at the Turin Film Festival in 1997.
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