March 18 – April 1


The Wrestler
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Back in the eighties, Randy "The Ram" Robinson was at the top of his game, but twenty-five years later he finds himself trapped by the only thing he knows how to do: fight other men for money. This is not the safe pantomime that professional wrestling has become in the public imagination, but a circuit of gruelling, untelevised fights in front of crowds screaming for carnage. Randy and his fellow fighters form a ragged brotherhood, propped up by a routine of gym workouts, steroids, tanning beds and choreographed mayhem in the ring. But Randy is already working the hard edge of this underground circuit. The movie burns through the fakery of wrestling in a touching way by letting us see how the trumped-up ''enemies'' in the ring actually love and support each other. Darren Aronofsky (40) was born in Brooklyn and studied anthropology, live-action and animated film at Harvard University. He is known to Lithuanian audiences for "Requiem for Dream", which was never screened at cinemas, but nevertheless became a cult film on DVD and TV. His previous movie "The Fountain" was screeened at Cinema Spring in 2007.
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