March 18 – April 1


Pandora's Box
Pandoranin Kutusu
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This touching and very modern film tells the story of an estranged family – two sisters, Nesrin and Guzin, and a brother, Mehmet – who live their comfortable, preoccupied lives in Istanbul. When the siblings find out that their elderly mother Nusret has gone missing, they return to their small coastal hometown to find her. As the group journeys through the countryside, they realize that they are strangers in their own land – as ignorant to the ancient Turkish countryside as they are to each other. Most of all, however, they have become alienated from themselves, their dreams distracted by prejudice, nihilism and lazy concessions to the status quo. What starts out as a begrudging trip to find their mother turns into a voyage of self-discovery for the threesome, a poetic reordering of their psyches as the reality of the world around them is reflected back onto themselves. After several successful shorts, Yesim Ustaoglu (48) directed her debut feature "The Trace" in 1994. She received international recognition for her 1999 film "Journey to the Sun", which was awarded the Blue Angel in Berlin, the prize for Best European Film, and others. "Pandora's Box" has already been awarded the Golden Shell in San Sebastian and several international festival prizes.
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