March 18 – April 1


Lemon Tree
Etz Limon
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The film turns a minor political skirmish into an affecting parable of a region relentlessly divided. Palestinian widow Salma Zidane lovingly tends to a lemon grove planted on the Israel–West Bank border by her father 50 years ago. When the Israeli defense minister builds an ostentatious house right next to Salma’s lemon grove, it becomes the focus of bitter friction as a stubborn politician declares the trees a security threat. Salma takes her seemingly hopeless case to the Israeli High Court with the help of a young Palestinian attorney. Her legal battle stirs the compassion of the minister’s wife, a woman left unhappy by her husband’s blossoming career. Eran Riklis (55) was born in Jerusalem, grew up in the US, Canada and Brazil and studied at The National Film School in London. Today Riklis lives in Tel Aviv and is one of Israel’s leading film- makers. His first film, "On a Clear Day You Can See Damascus" (1984), was followed by "Zohar" (1993), which was the biggest Israeli box-office success of the 1990s, and "The Syrian Bride" (2004) – winner of eighteen international awards.
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