March 18 – April 1


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Fiona and Dom love Latin dance, and each other. On a return trip from a weekend competition, they swerve to avoid a suicidal man on the road and crash their car into a wall: Fiona loses a leg, Dom – his memory. With their newfound handicaps, a truckload of slapstick and a bevy of circus-style stunts, the duo discover that comedy abounds in their tragic situation. With virtually no music or dialogue, writers, directors and performers Abel, Gordon and Romy meld the style of Wes Anderson with the humour of Jacques Tati to create an original world where laughter is the best medicine. Dominique Abel (51) is Belgian, Fiona Gordon (51) is Canadian, and Bruno Romy (50) is from France, and all three authors have a theatre and circus background. They met in the Nineties during a theatre tour in Normandy. Since then, they have collaborated on a number of projects for video, theatre and film. They wrote and directed together their first feature film, "L’Iceberg", which was the big hit at Cinema Spring in 2006.
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