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On the Other Side

Auf der Anderen Seite

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The Edge of Heaven tells us a complex story of intersecting lives, where the hopes and dreams of the characters become intertwined in a search for love and parents. Ali is a spirited septuagenarian given to visiting hookers to keep his loneliness at bay. Nejat, his son, is a young professor. Ali takes a shine to Yeter, a middle-aged prostitute, also Turkish, who agrees to move in with him. It transpires that Yeter has a twentysomething daughter, Ayten, who is still in Turkey. Events take the bookish Nejat to Istanbul in search of Yeter’s daughter while Ayten, ironically, finds herself in Germany looking for her mother. Paternal, maternal, heterosexual and lesbian loves are juxtaposed with questions of family and homeland. Rich, dense relationships between characters are the defining features of this poignant and at times devastating film.