March 18 – April 1


IKI 15 MIN. 4 programme: Paradoxes
Added to my films

1. Downhill Skiing In Summer Switzerland, 2007, 6 min. The Lauberhorn ski race, the world's longest downhill ski race, has been postponed until summer. The 10,000 wooden slats give their account of the perfect line which is highly sought after but never achieved in winter. They become the ski racers, and the newscaster is live on the scene to accompany the viewers as they travel at breakneck speed to set a new record. 2. Small Boxes Australia, 2005, 15 min. Alberto, a young Hispanic-Australian lives with his family outside Sydney and works the night shift unloading boxes at a produce market. On an outing with his grandmother he discovers an unexpected opportunity, and a buried hope is awakened. 3. Turn Switzerland, 2006, 3 min. A young figure skater practices pirouettes. Her attempts look promising, but she keeps falling again and again. Practice makes perfect. Or does it? 4. Something Like That Brazil, 2006, 15 min. Two teenagers, Caio and Mari, go out for a great night of fun in the streets of Sao Paulo. They dance, they laugh, they play, they learn. 5. Belaukiant Filipo (Waiting for Filipe) Netherlands, 2006, 7 min. One short film about two Italian police officers waiting for the end of their own inconvenience. Making the unseen theatre of reality visible. Recorded in Milan 2005. 6. Sans supervision USA, 2006, 11 min. A young couple finds many ways to distract their little girl while they spend intimate time together. Over three separate outings, the young girl begins to suspect that she may be the only adult left in the group. When faced with the reality that her guardians no longer care for her, she is forced to strike out on her own. 7. The Dancing Lesson France, 2006, 6 min. Based on the observations of the “original” behaviour of dancers in nightclubs, this film is dedicated to all the people who want to impress others with revolutionary dance training. Thanks to the images of this dance lesson, you will no longer have an excuse not to move your body to the sound of digital rhythms. 8. The Lodge Sweden, 2005, 13 min. Henrik gathers some of his friends at a summerhouse by a lake, deep in the forest. How will these city folks cope with nature? And how will they react to each other, way out in the wilderness? 9. Guide Dog USA, 2006, 6 min. “Guide Dog” is a sequel to the Oscar nominated short “Guard Dog”. This time our hero dog helps blind people with typical disastrous results. 10. Today’s Specials Italy, 2005, 7 min. Shoppers flock to a supermarket during the summer holidays to take advantage of the summer sales. But one shopper, a shy and quiet transsexual, is about to experience something beyond her wildest imagination…
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