March 18 – April 1


IKI 15 MIN. 2 programme: Profound Look
Added to my films

1. Wasted Years Sweden, 2006, 13 min. A man tells his therapist about his existential frustration. Buried memories from a youth love are coming back to haunt him. A short essay about time passing by and how everyone tries to come to terms with one’s memories… 2. Hide and Seek Netherlands, 2005, 6 min. Fabian has found the ultimate spot to hide: his imagination. But reality catches up with him, even in his dreams. Buutvrij is the gripping story of a little boy who manages to address his imagination to escape harsh reality. 3. Nascent Brasil, 2005, 15 min. Poetic film about ‘the flow’, motion, life. Without verbal narration but with plenty of cinematographic eloquence, the camera follows a little boat as it follows its course down the river and across the sea. 4. Bawke Norway, 2005, 13 min. They have been on the run for a long time, a man and his very young son. When they reach their destination, they realize they are still in trouble. In the end the father is forced to make a choice of two evils to provide for his sons future. 5. Before Dawn Hungary, 2005, 13 min. Sloping wheat fields in the morning sun. We see a truck on a country road. Something isn‘t right. Later a helicopter appears. Award-winning fiction film in one shot, that seems to be close to documentary... 6. The Making Of Parts UK, 2006, 15 min. A man's love and tenderness, which he once shared with his wife, is now slipping away from him. As one sexual existence ends, another is just beginning. 7. In The Eye Abides The Heart USA, 2006, 8 min. A meditation on the facts of life.
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