March 18 – April 1


IKI 15 MIN. 1 programme: Inventions and Miracles
Added to my films

1. Hallo Germany, 2007, 6 min. An inventive animated history of the telephone. The most used word in phone traffic serves as a guideline in this quest. Hallo? Hello? Hullo? 2. Crossing my lips Netherlands, 2005, 14 min. A film about talking, stuttering, singing, remaining silent and listening. Communicating. 3. High Plains Winter USA, 2006, 10 min. A short documentary film about winter on the high plains of Montana. The tight grip of winter’s cold is broken by images of the sport “ski joring,” as human life attempts to cope and conquer Nature’s might. 4. Fish Out Of Water New Zealand, 2005, 8 min. A young man rows to work to escape the rush hour mayhem, but where can he go when it follows him onto the water? 5. We Decided to Live in the Air USA, 2005, 2 min. It's a moment of generosity and humanity. Just a simple logic of editing, that was elaborately done with a splicer though, explores the notion of our desire to reverse gravity, mortality and destiny. 6. The Undertaker UK / Estonia, 2005, 15 min. Black comedy about a man who hopes to get rich by selling clever suicide ideas in a stir-crazy arctic town. 7. Hibernation UK, 2005, 15 min. In a secret tree house, two children disguised in animal costumes experiment with reviving a bee. But they are really searching for a way to bring something much bigger back to life. 8. Dewenety France, 2006, 15 min. Dakar, Senegal. Ousmane, a 7 years old child, begs in the streets. He decides to write a letter to Santa Claus…
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