March 18 – April 1


Buddha's Lost Children
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“Living is an art to be learned.” Khru Bah, a former soldier and Thai boxing champion, takes us on a poetic journey to save the children of a dismally poor region called the Golden Triangle in Thailand. Like a modern day Robin Hood, Khru Bah travels on horseback to villages plagued by drug smuggling and poverty, giving blessings to the people and picking up children along the way. Back at his monastery and training center, the Golden Horse Temple, children are taught the important lessons of self-respect and compassion through disciplined physical and mental Buddhist training. Following a handful of children, we witness their transformations on their journey to becoming novice monks. The gorgeous setting, mesmerizing score and exquisite cinematography create a gem of a documentary experience, giving this unforgettable story its power as a testament to one man’s mission to give these children of poverty the courage to live their lives with purpose.
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