March 18 – April 1


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Père-Lachaise, one of the world's most famous and beautiful cemeteries, is the final resting place for a greatly gifted group of artists from all eras and corners of the world. Some, such as Piaf, Proust, Jim Morrison and Chopin, are worshipped to this day. Others have fallen into oblivion, or are visited occasionally by a single admirer. In Forever we see the mysterious, calming and consoling beauty of this unique cemetery through the eyes of today's visitors. Many come to be with their loved ones: husbands, wives, family and friends. Others honour their favourite artist by placing a personal message or a flower on his/her tombstone. And then there are the daily visits from the anonymous little ladies who come to lovingly dust and water anonymous graves. As all of these quiet callers share with us the importance of art and beauty in their lives, the graveyard gradually reveals itself as a source of inspiration for the living.
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