March 18 – April 1


Nobody is Perfect
Va ser que nadie es perfecto
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Rubén is deaf, and what he likes most in the world are women and his friends. Carlos is blind, and what he likes most in the world is the cinema, his guide-dog Woody and his friends. Dani is lame, and what he likes most in the world is to be with his crowd, his car Blanquito and his friends. Carlos, the blind one, is going to get married on 27 August to his life-long girl friend. His friends Rubén and Dani want to celebrate the night of the 26th with a full-blown stag party. They meet in their usual bar, they do themselves up, they get into Danny’s „buga” and they undertake their adventure at the rate of the latest summer hit. On this very special night, each of our stars is going to take decisions that will lead to a sharp change in the course of their lives. In turn, each of them will see a dream come true.
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