March 18 – April 1


Colossal Youth
Juventude Em Marcha
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A hypnotic, poetic film rooted in harsh social reality, „Colossal Youth” follows Ventura, an elderly ex-labourer who is moving to a new neighborhood. In a drama comprised of seemingly disconnected tableaux, Ventura meets assorted Lisbon dwellers, black and white, whom he calls his children - among them, Vanda, a mother and former heroin addict. Ventura meanwhile pines for his departed wife Clotilde; in a poignant, poetic letter, repeated mantra-like throughout, he pleads with her to return. Working with spartan technical resources and a cast of non-professionals from Lisbon's working class and unemployed, Costa uses digital video to produce strikingly stark textures: with a palette bleached out virtually to black-and-white, the images seem to be etched on the screen in chalk and charcoal.
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