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The Violin

El Violin

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The 81-year-old Tavira expresses emotional complexity as he assists the guerrilla cause even as he loves his son. Tavila is a Sancho Pansa—a harmless-looking old man who heaps loss on himself because of his own ego. Tavira's real-life loss of his right hand in an accident at age 13 creates a metaphor of the character's hand that is lost and the son he is about to loose. As the writing/directing debut of Mexican filmmaker Francisco Vargas, „The Violin“ is an outstanding piece of well-driven drama. Not only is the performance of Don Angel Tavira perfectly balanced but the choice of black and white film to tell the story makes the intent clear—to expose and denounce human rights violations and social injustices in these places. The impeccable storytelling guarantees a clear success for an arthouse/indie film that will find its audience. Simply beautiful!