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Daft Punk's Electroma

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Daft Punk's Electroma on IMDb
Musical science fiction moods in cool stylised story about two robots who want to be human. The desert landscape is more important than the story and the music is in turn more important than the landscape. No music by Daft Punk, although it is chosen and mixed by them beautifully. Strange: a music film by two musicians made without their own music. In its outspoken nakedness and minimal science-fiction style, the film is also visually strange and intriguing. The small yet skilfully spun out story is set in a desert-like American highway landscape of nuclear tests and persistent rumours about UFOs. Two robots would like to become people. That is the whole drama that unfolded in the desert landscape. The two robots in tight leather Daft-Punk suits and futuristic blindfold helmets are not played by the band members/directors themselves.