March 18 – April 1


Chronicle of an Escape
Crónica de una fuga
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The 1976 coup d'état that led to Argentina's military regime - which remained in place until 1983 - is infamous for the thirty thousand people who „disappeared.“ Israel Adrián Caetano's „Chronicle of an Escape” chronicles the escape of four young men from a detention camp where they had been kept for over three months, subject to both physical and psychological torture. Theirs is one of the most chilling experiences imaginable. The dictatorship has been the subject of many documentaries and dramas, but Caetano has chosen a very different route in conjuring up this dark time in Argentine history. Basing his hard-hitting account on testimony from two real-life escapees and combining elements of the suspense and thriller genres, Caetano evokes the terrifying experience that so many people went through. Beautifully shot with close camera work, ingenious use of sound and stellar acting, the film creates a tense, claustrophobic atmosphere.
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