March 18 – April 1


DOAP: Death of a President
Added to my films
Shivers run down your spine when you see this hyperrealistic and extremely credible fantasy about what would happen to America after the assassination of George W. Bush. An ingenious mixture of archive footage and special effects. D.O.A.P. takes the form of a documentary television broadcast following the assassination of George W. Bush on 17 October 2008. This „documentary” combines archive footage and meticulously composed interviews presented in a respectful way. The film opens with a hectic montage in which we see a demonstrating crowd. President Bush, who is portrayed as a sympathetic and amiable man, makes a patriotic speech in a hotel. Outside, the fury of demonstrators explodes. Tension rises, until the horrific moment when the president is killed. After the attack, the film concentrates on the FBI hunt for the murderer. But did the Syrian man who is eventually arrested really do it?
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