March 18 – April 1


The Free Will
Der Freie Wille
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Imagine a brothers Dardenne film of epic length, set in Germany and spiced up with the explicit (and sometimes ugly) sex of Bertolucci. Directed by Matthias Glasner and co-written by star Jürgen Vogel, follows Theo, whom we see rape and violently abuse an innocent passer-by in the film’s opening section. We soon learn that this is not the first time and he is locked away for almost ten years. „Der freie Wille” really takes off when Theo comes out of prison and tries to get his act together, having to prove time and again that he is capable of resisting the urges that he feels deep inside of him. What proves most difficult for Theo is his contact with women, because on the one hand he is afraid he might relapse and the other hand he would like to be in a relationship just like everyone else.
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