march 16–26


Son of Man
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Following their Bizet adaptation „U-Carmen eKhayelitsha”, Mark Dornford-May and theatre group Dimpho Di Kopane turn their attentions to the Bible, bringing the greatest story ever told to the screen in a crisp, rousing and politically engaged 86 minutes. The language is modern, as is the setting, a violent township in the fictional Kingdom of Judea, which could stand in for any African country which has experienced poverty, upheaval, political corruption and ethnic conflict. Little change is made to the basic tenets of The New Testament, and the updating is so successful that there is never a moment when it feels forced. The immaculate conception revealed during an attack on a school; a band of disciples including several women; a Messiah who preaches peace and calls for a handgun amnesty; Judas spying on Jesus with a video camera - all this and more is presented with such verve that we can't fail to be convinced.
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